Blue Plus A primary care health plan for groups of 2 – 50 employees
Blue Plus deductible Plan Plan #25
Blue Plus copay Plan Plan #26
Rising health care costs. Greater need for wellness and prevention. Maintaining employee satisfaction. Now is the time for practical solutions. Blue Plus is a health plan you can trust to combine experience with a focus on the healthy future of businesses like yours. Health plan solutions
Save by using network providers
By using the large Blue Plus network of health care providers, members avoid paying higher costs. That’s because network providers agree to accept the “allowed amount” stated in their contracts as full payment for covered services. Members may see other health care providers for emergency care only.
Unmatched support for your health
• Health Guides and Nurse Guides with one call to customer service
• Dedicated Nurse Support for an extended illness or accident
• Healthy Start® Prenatal Support for when you’re expecting
• 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line for health concerns anytime
• Fitness Program that encourages members to exercise regularly
• Plus, Online Wellness Center
• Health Assessment
• Online Coaching Modules
• Stop-Smoking Support
• Employee Assistance Program
How this plan option works
Members choose a primary care clinic from the Blue Plus statewide network. Generally, the clinic provides primary care and coordinates most care received from specialists — all without complicated paperwork.