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Which network do I use?

Your network depends on your plan. If you’re not a member, refer to materials from your employer or read the descriptions below to learn which network would be available to you.

Blue Cross Aware®
Our most extensive network, the Aware network includes 100 percent of hospitals and 98 percent of doctors in Minnesota.
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Blue Cross Accord
One of our broadest networks, the Accord network includes 98 percent of hospitals and 97 percent of doctors in Minnesota. For members – this is your network if you see “Accord” on your member ID card.
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Blue Cross Value
This network offers access to the most affordable physicians and hospitals available in the Twin Cities metro area. This is your network if you see “Value” on your member ID card.
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Blue Plus® primary care
If you have a plan where you pick a primary care clinic and your member ID card shows your clinic’s name, this is your network.
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Member Guide and Directory
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Blue Precision Achieve
This network groups providers into two “levels” according to how they score on cost and quality measures. You receive higher benefits if you use a Level 1 provider. You will pay more of the costs when you choose Level 2 and out-of-network providers.
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National BlueCard®
Search this network for providers in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Select “PPO” if your member ID card shows an image of a suitcase with “PPO” inside, or select “Traditional/Indemnity” if your member ID card shows a plain suitcase.
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BlueCard® Worldwide
Search this network to find providers outside of the United States.
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Minnesota Service Cooperatives
For some members of participating Minnesota Service Cooperatives.
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This network is for VantageBlue, a Medicare Cost plan.
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Please note: Enrolling in Blue Cross or Blue Plus doesn’t guarantee services by a particular health care provider on the list. To be certain of receiving care from a specific provider listed, ask the provider whether or not they’re still a participating network provider and whether or not they’re accepting additional patients. We feature a large network of providers. Each one is an independent contractor and is not our agent.